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Personalized beaded bangle wristlet keychain with optional embroidered wallet

Personalized beaded bangle wristlet keychain with optional embroidered wallet

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This silicone beaded wristlet is a stylish and practical accessory designed to keep your keys conveniently at hand. Made from durable and flexible silicone beads, this keychain offers a comfortable loose fit around your wrist, allowing for easy carrying and quick access to your keys. The silicone material is sturdy yet soft, providing a comfortable feel when worn. This keychain wristlet is a versatile accessory for daily use ensuring your keys are always within reach.

This silicone beaded wristlet keychain offers a secure and firm hold WITHOUT stretchiness,(these wristlets are NOT STRETCHY). They keep a tight circle formation, and easily roll onto your wrist to be worn like a bangle bracelet. providing stability and reliability while wearing it around your wrist. It is crafted to be worn loosely on your wrist, akin to a bangle, offering both functionality as a key holder and a stylish accessory to complement your attire.

Makes a great gift for friends, family, bridesmaids, or anyone who loves practical yet stylish accessories. An ideal present for those who value convenience and enjoy adding a fun and stylish way to keep their keys at the ready.

You have the option of adding personalized initial charms, allowing for a custom touch that makes it a thoughtful and unique gift for someone special, or yourself! Choose as many initials as you'd like from the drop down menu.

The lobster clasp allows you to hook the wristlet keychain onto your purse; no more digging into your handbag to find your keys!

These wristlets are “one size fits most” and the inside circumference is approximately 7.5 inches.

All wristlets are made with:
- Non-toxic/food-grade silicone beads
- Swivel lobster clasp and keyring
- Sturdy nylon cord

To clean, wipe with a baby wipe or warm water, dry immediately.

The silicone beaded wristlet keychain is an accessory intended for adult use, designed with durability and style in mind. Please keep it out of reach of children due to the small components, as they could present a choking hazard.

Please note that the colors of the silicone beaded wristlet keychain may appear slightly different on various monitors or screens due to differences in display settings.  I do my best to accurately reflect items and their colors.

Due to the custom nature of these items I cannot accept returns or refunds.


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